Temazcal is a tradition of ancient Mayan culture. It takes place in a stone-shaped igloo that represents the womb of mother earth and works with the four elements: earth, water, air and fire. In the darkness of the igloo, the heat emanates from volcanic rocks where water and medicinal herbs are poured. As the body increases in temperature, it purifies its mind, body and spirit. According to Mayan tradition, Temazcal provides a deep detoxification, increases the temperature in our organs, helping to rebalance the minerals in your body, improving the immune system, eliminating toxins and helping to prevent diseases. Through sweating, the body eliminates toxins, allowing you to experience a sense of relaxation.



For visitors looking to immerse themselves more in Mayan traditions and ceremonies, AquaSafariMexico offers the Temazcal Excursion (Mayan Ritual Sauna). For this spiritual experience, we will take you to the heart of the jungle to participate in a cleansing ceremony with a native shaman, followed by a Temazcal to purify your soul. In addition, after the Temazcal ceremony, you can enjoy swimming in the clear water of the cenote to refresh and relax and complete your evening with a traditional Mayan dinner.



The Temazcal excursion combines a cultural and spiritual ceremonial experience in a quiet environment, teaching you the traditions, beliefs and ways of life of an ancient and modern Mayan family.


  • Eco-friendly repellent
  • Towel
  • Extra money
  • Flip Flops
  • Extra dry clothes
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