Snorkeling is an activity available to people of all ages, who are happy in the water.  You have many snorkeling options in the Riviera Maya. It is definitely one of the most popular activities visitors can do with their family or friends. We have the second largest barrier reef in the world, nearly a thousand kilometers long as an option, and the most extensive underground river systems in the world to discover!



One of AquaSafari Mexico’s favorite snorkeling excursions is Akumal Bay. This is a beautiful beach with shallow areas to snorkel, protected by the federal government to protect the marine ecosystem and the population of green white turtles living permanently in the bay for the purpose of feeding. This area is famous for this shallow sea grass-turtle feeding site. You can experience snorkeling with these ancient turtles all year round. Not only this, but Akumal offers beautiful coral reef snorkeling where you can often see, eagle rays, sting-rays, eels and a wide variety of Caribbean reef’s, just a few meters from the beach.

This snorkel is recommended for those new to snorkel but as well for experienced water people. Its calm shallow water is ideal for beginners and those a bit more timid to try it… We will be there with you along the way and ensure you have the best of your interaction with these creatures.

Includes: Transportation, entrance fee, gear, water and snacks and experienced and certified guide.


Shared  $75 USD p/p


Private 1-4 people   $90 USD p/p   


Private   5- 13 people     $80 USD p/p   




One can find natural wonders beyond imagination in various parts of the world, and undoubtedly, this corner of America and its charismatic geology enlighten us with its bizarre nature of caves, underground rivers, Jurassic fossils and crystal clear waters that seem to be unreal.

Due to its geological composition, the floor of the Yucatan acts as a sponge when it rains, absorbing the rain and the moisture through it porous sedimentary rock. The water that seeps through the soil begins to dissolve, giving way to caves that can be partially or completely flooded. These eventually will collapse due to the action of erosion, forming the cenotes which are virtually unique to the peninsula. This formation process can last hundreds of years.

For the Mayans, the cenotes were considered sources of life providing the sacred vital liquid. Also, they were seen as the entrance to the underworld and was the center for the communion with the gods. The word cenote comes from the Mayan “dzonot” which means cave with water. These formations were the element deciding where to settle a community, as they performed their ceremonies here and fresh water was obtained.

AquaSafari Mexico also offers snorkeling in the sacred fresh water of the cenotes. These are mostly found deep in the jungle. You can see stunning rock formations, spectacular natural light displays and a variety of wildlife, including the occasional scuba diver. Snorkeling in cenotes is a unique experience that you can do only here, in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Includes: Transportation, entrance fee, gear, water and snacks and experienced guide.

Shared  $65 USD p/p

Private 1-4 people   $ 90 USD p/p   

Private   5-13 people      $ 70 USD p/p  




Visit one of the most fascinating places of the area. Underground rivers are found deep in the jungle, illuminated with artificial light and naturally decorated with thousands of ancient stalactites and stalagmites.

Includes: Transportation, entrance fee, gear, water and traditional Mayan food.

Shared  $70 USD p/p

Private 1-4 people   $ 90 USD p/p   

Private   5-13 people      $ 70 USD p/p   

This activity is recommended to be combined with ceviche (typical fish salad) or lunch in Punta Soliman Beach. Just add 30 USD per person.




Swim in the exotic natural aquarium of Yalku, where you can observe a variety of Caribbean fish and other species such as green white and hawksbill turtles. The lagoon combines fresh and salt water, attracting a wide range of animals, making your swim more interesting. It is located in a small beautiful village where you can spot many bird species and even raccoons.

Shared  $65 USD p/p

Private 1-4 people   $ 90 USD p/p   

Private   5-13 people      $ 70 USD p/p  

We recommend to combine this activity with snorkeling in a cenote, Tulum ruins or lunch at the beach can be added just with 35 USD more per person.




If you could name one experience among your vacation, as the most incredible thing you have ever done, it will definitely be to swim with the biggest fish in the world. Of course, you need to do it first and enjoy it to the fullest!!!

Whale sharks come in the months of May till September to eat the plankton on the coast of the Mexican Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. It is the biggest aggregation of this species in the world, and they can form banks of 500 individuals, as seen in aerial surveys in their feeding grounds. There is still very little information collected through the 20 years of study done on the whale sharks, but we know this is the place to see them, to enjoy them and to do so in their natural habitat. The area has been protected as part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of YumBalam and Contoy Island.

The whale sharks are very gentle animals, ranging from 24 till 36 feet long, with a very special spotted decoration on their skin. Along the way to see these creatures, you can occasionally observe dolphins, groups of rays travelling, manta rays and marine turtles.

Includes: Transportation, gear, sodas, coffee and bread, fruits, ceviche and certified guide.

Shared  $130 USD p/p

Private 1-4 people   $ 1200 USD Total   

Private   5-13 people      $ 1500 USD  Total      



Isla mujeres,  Cozumel, Puerto Aventuras, Contoy Island

Enjoy the views of the Caribbean from the sea, snorkeling in different spots in a great catamaran with open bar, buffet and snorkel gear.  You can chose from the different options: Cozumel Island, Isla Mujeres, Contoy Island National Park and Puerto Aventuras.

Includes: Transportation, entrance fee, snorkel gear, lunch buffet, alcoholic drinks, soft drinks and snacks and experienced guide.

Catamaran Isla Mujeres     80 USD p/p + 5 USD bracelet

Catamaran to Cozumel    100 USD p/p + 3 USD bracelet

Catamaran Pto Aventuras 110 USD p/p


Eco-friendly sunscreen


Extra money

Flip Flops

Hat and Sunglasses

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