The magic of the ancient Mayan culture is found in the vicinity of the Riviera Maya. These small villages in the middle of the jungle, seem to preserve the customs and legacy of the past. In a way, it looks like they have been hiding away from the modern times and its developments; where electricity was received only a few years ago. Survival hunting, cultivation of some native plants and eco-tourism from the big cities of the state, are the main activities that financially support these rural communities. In the area, the jungle shows a significant level of preservation, and common wild animals to this habitat, persist despite years of human settlement.



One of these communities is the small town of Punta Laguna, listed by UNESCO, priority area, and it is listed in the RAMSAR Convention, for its lagoon, its biodiversity and populations of spider and howler monkey that proliferate in this little corner of the jungle.  The vicinity communities of Pacchen and Tres Reyes work on ecotourism through companies based in Cancun or Playa del Carmen.  The towns of Nuevo Durango and El Naranjal, work on programs developing different activities to improve the economy of their families through initiatives of sustainable tourism and organic farming run by women.



There are several civil associations that are working with these communities to improve the quality of life and preserve the environment for the families living in these wonderful places. The migration to large cities has caused a demographic, social and cultural problem.


Sian Kan/ Punta Laguna/ Muyil/ Contoy



For nature lovers we introduce Punta Laguna Natural Reserve where you can observe spider and howler monkeys, kayak in a beautiful lagoon, do zip lines and swim in a cenote. It is an introduction to the Mayan culture today, as this community runs its own eco-tourist cooperative and offer a walk around their land and even a ceremony with their Shaman. This is without a doubt, one of our best excursions!!



We combine this excursion with Tulum or Coba Mayan ruins.

Includes: Transportation, entrance fee, gear, kayak, zip lining, shaman ceremony, lunch buffet, water, snacks and certified guide.

Private 1-4 people        $ 150 USD p/p   

Private 5-13 people      $ 120 USD p/p   



MUYIL (6 hour)


Muyil it’s a Mayan city where the ancient Maya built artificial channels for navigation. The Place is part of the Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka´an, where we take a boat to ride into the channels, swimming and drifting with the current. You can do bird watching in the pristine mangrove forest and spot, if you have the eye for it, a few crocodiles. The mangroves are the nurseries for 90% of local birds and fishes and it is our natural barrier against hurricanes. Their value is as high as its beauty. Be aware, as in good weather conditions, it is possible to observe sea cows (manatees).



Includes: Transportation, entrance fee, certified guide, boat riding, water and snacks.       

Private 2 to 6 people   $ 470 USD

Shared 120 USD p/p

CONTOY ISLAND (8 hour)            


Contoy is an island declared National Park in 1961.  Caribbean and gulf water mixes together making a great variety of colors in the ocean. Mangroves, lagoons and low canopy jungle sheltered 150 different species of marine birds including one of the biggest population of frigate birds in the Caribbean.  



This island is also a refuge for many migratory species, the perfect land for love season for some species of turtles and the feeding grounds of Manta rays, whale sharks and 234 species of fish, increasing the number of plankton feeders, in the summer months.



The second largest barrier reef in the world commence here, at the south point of the island, finishing in Honduras with nearly a thousand kilometers. Ixlache reef is part of the marine protected area of the National Park, where you can snorkel around and enjoy the biodiversity found here.



The activities on the Island go from learning more about birds and the peculiar nature of the area, admire the untouched environment, walk around the dunes, relax in a pristine beach and enjoy a great local lunch.


The excursion is combined with a visit to Isla Mujeres.


Includes: Transportation, entrance fee, snorkel gear, lunch buffet, water and snacks, visit to Isla Mujeres and nature specialist guide.

Shared $130 USD p/p plus 3 USD bracelet p/p






We present a fascinating excursion to the second largest natural reserve of Mexico, Sian Ka´an “where the sky begins” (1986). From families to the most nature enthusiastic individual, this is a MUST to do in your list of beauties to see on your visit.



Drive into a wild road in a Jeep for 50 kilometers and take a boat to visit the different landscapes and places in this spoiled part of the Caribbean Sea. Home to the greatest animals found in the jungle, such as the elusive jaguar, the puma and the Tapir, this reserve has everything from land creatures to aquatic ones. Due to its complex hydrological system, Sian Ka´an is one of the richest areas for biodiversity.  



In good weather conditions, you have high probabilities to see wild dolphins, different species of turtles and stingrays. You can spot many migratory birds and resident ones, like ospreys, Jabiru, herons and egrets and the Roseate Spoonbill, making a list of 356 bird species. This is an amazing opportunity to snorkel in the second largest barrier reef in the world. You can also watch starfish, visit the mangrove forest, and do some bird watching from land or form the boat. After all the activities, you will get a lunch buffet of local food.



Includes: Transportation to Tulum, Jeep for 4 people, entrance fee, snorkel gear, boat trip, lunch buffet, soft drinks and nature specialist guide.

$130 USD p/p







We do the same activities that the jeep excursion to the Biosphere Reserve but with a different transportation: A UNIMOG bus, a vehicle with large wheels made for rude and difficult paths.


Includes: Transportation to Tulum, entrance fee, snorkel gear, lunch buffet, soft drinks and nature specialist guide.

$115 USD p/p

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