After 20 years in the area of Cancun, Cozumel, Tulum Riviera Maya and Merida, I consider myself a person that loves the Caribbean. When you live in paradise, you accustomed yourself to beauty and the never-ending summer. These facts are enough by themselves, but this part of the world is full of surprises and you can do several activities every day, feeling that you are indeed, the luckiest person in the planet. Here, you can dive, snorkel, kite surf…


You can be in the middle of nature, enjoy pristine rainforest, observe different species without too much hassle and of course share all these experiences. My job is full of excitement because I can enjoy it all and meet people who are interested in learning something new about my country; Mexico. 



In order to give you the best, we work with different bilingual guides, building a group of expert people who love to work in nature and teach about our culture. We have federal certifications in archeology and natural excursions. Many of us are certified dive masters and hold certifications for cave diving, one of the most exciting and unique activities in this region. 



The advantage to book your excursions with us is that you will get a fun and educational day avoiding crowded places and wasting  time in pickups and drop offs of  people in different hotels. We give you a personalized and friendly service.



Customize the excursion you want. Tell us at what time you would like to departure, where you want to go, what kind of food you like. For us, it will be a pleasure to serve you and will make the best efforts to take you to the most exciting, beautiful and pristine places of the area.


Mexico is considered one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, along with Brazil, Colombia and Indonesia. It has the highest range in diversity of reptiles, second in mammals (the largest number of bats in this category), fourth in amphibians and vascular plants, and tenth in birds. Statistically speaking, this geographical area has 10% of the world’s species.



From the Gulf of Mexico, through the mangroves into the bush of the interior, the Yucatan Peninsula has a variety of ecological niches. The vegetation of this area is as varied as its ecology, creating wildlife habitats and sources of food and medicine for the native people.




The ecosystem most found in this area is the evergreen tropical forest, which covers 60% of the mainland, as well as being the most conserved in the state of Quintana Roo. The climate and soil factors are the main factors of the characteristics of this forest and determine the existence of the native flora of each region. The main facts here are the highest rainfall of the peninsula (with an annual average of 1300mm), and the calcareous permeable floor responsible for the vegetation cover and richness.



Some of the most beautiful and magnificent creatures on this continent are in the Mayan jungle. Some of them look as if they had come out of a fairy tale because of their strange physical characteristics and shy behaviour, rarely seen but, we know they are there, as is the case of the tepezcuintle (Agouti paca). The Yucatan Peninsula has more than 125 species of mammals.


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